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Cultural Heritage Tour , Anping

Pop Inn is located next to the Full Moon Bridge, a famous landmark in Anping district. It is close enough that travelers are able to walk and ride on a bike to popular attractions such as the Anping Fort, Anping Old Street, Tree House etc.

Fort/Temple/Old street/Street Food/Cycling

樸寓Pop Inn

Nature & Ecological Conservation Tour, Anping

Cycling/Birdwatching/Mangrove/Sunset/Fishing Port

※ Hi there ! Sunset admirers, Birdwatchers and Wanderers on bike !  Gradual deposition of sediments from Tainan's coastal rivers, over a long period of time, has turned this area into an oasis of mangroves , and subsequently an excellent location for birdwatching.

※ Most attractions can be reached within an approx. 3x3km area. A bike/scooter ride could be the best option to enjoy a less hasty tour in this area. See the routes we recommend to you here.

Route 1 | North of Anping Canal

Theme: Birdwatching / Mangrove / Sunset / Cycling

Anping Fishing Port

(1.9 km: Walk 24"/ Bicycle: 10")

Lakeside Water Bird Park

(2.7km: Walk 33"/ Bicycle 12")

Sunset Platform

(3.9km: Walk 48"/ Bicycle 20")

Taijiang National Park

(5.2 km: Walk 65"/ Bicycle 26")

Sicao Green Tunnel 

(7.3km: Walk 2 hours/ Bicycle 37")

  Start from Pop Inn

Route 2| South of Anping Canal

Theme: Culture & Heritage / History / Cycling

Lin Mo-Niang Park

(2.3 km: Walk 29", Bicycle 12")

Eternal Golden Castle

(2.7km: Walk 35",  Bicycle 14")

Deyang Quchujian Exhibition Hall

(2.7km: Walk 35"/ Bicycle 14")

Yu Guang Dao (Yu Guang Island)

(3.5km : Walk 44"/ Bicycle19")

 Start from Pop Inn

" 千里之行,始於足下 " 《老子》

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

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