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Attractions: Fort/Temple/Old street/Street Snack

Pop Inn is located next to the Full Moon Bridge, a famous landmark in Anping district. It is close enough that travelers are able to walk and ride on a bike to popular attractions such as the Anping Fort, Anping Old Street, Tree House etc.

1. Anping Fort (安平古堡) The oldest fort in Taiwan. It used to be called Fort Zeelandia or Taiwan City. Keep walking, we come to the Haishan Hall (海山館) . It is an interesting structure with an interesting collection of implements and charms designed to expel evil.

2. Yanping Old Streets (安平老街) Yanping street is right next to Anping Fort, it is the first road Dutch people constructed about three hundred years ago, also being called '' the first street in Taiwan. You may find it around the corner.

3 Kai-Tai Tianhou Temple (開臺天后宮) Then, here you come to the earliest Mazu temple that was founded in Taiwan island proper. "A large site, this temple has some very unique features and is well worth seeing, despite the wealth of wonderful temples in Tainan. The ceilings are truly spectacular. It's just across from the very boring Anping Fort and is surrounded by very narrow lanes and hawkers. Definitely a must see."

4. Julius Mannich & CO 原德商東興洋行 The building is one of the few examples of European colonial architecture left in Taiwan.

5. Sio House (Salt Museum) 夕遊出張所 " It is amazing how they managed to color the salt with 366 colors. It's fun trying to locate the birth salt for you and your loved ones....-Tripadvisor."

6. Former Tait & Co. Merchant House (原英商德記洋行) "Tait & Co had undergone several changes since it was established. Tait & Co was one of the foreign trading companies that was permitted by the Qing Government to operate opium, camphor, sugar and tea trading until Japanese colonized Taiwan. ..."

7. Anping Tree House (安平樹屋) "Tree House used to be a warehouse of Tait & Co, one of the top five trading companies in Anping area during the period of Japanese colonization. Abandoned for many years, a gigantic banyan tree has taken over the warehouse in various ways, including its aerial roots and trunks that have became part of the architecture. The brick walls of the warehouse have faded and collapsed which allowed roots and trunks to take over walls, windows, doors and ground forming an extraordinary scene... "

Travelling tips:

  • 1-2 days

  • Visit these places on foot is quite a tiring task though they are all within a 3x3km area

  • Get on a bike/scooter could be the best option to enjoy a less hasty tour

Nature & Ecological Conservation Tour

Attractions: Cycling/Birdwatching/Mangrove/Sunset/Fishing Port

Hi there !
Sunset admirer, Birdwatcher and Wanderer on bike !

Gradual deposition of sediments from Tainan's coastal rivers, over a long period of time, has turned this area into an oasis of mangroves , and subsequently an excellent location for birdwatching.

Route 1 : North of Anping Canal

Theme: Birdwatching / Mangrove / Sunset

Route 2 : South of Anping Canal

Theme: Culture & Heritage / History

※ Most of the cultural heritages and natural attractions can be reached within an approx. 3x3km area. A bike/scooter ride could be the best option to enjoy a less hasty tour in this area. See the routes we recommend to you here.

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